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Hiring a professional painter has several benefits including taking off the stress from painting your house. However, finding the right painter can be a tricky order especially since there are many of them in the market all claiming to offer ultimate quality services. What’s obvious is that only a few select professional painters can handle the job to your satisfaction. Fortunately, landing them is not quite overwhelming if you know exactly what to do. Here are a few insights to help you with the process of hiring a painter:

Start by asking around and looking for painters online
Acquaintances, friends, and/or family members are a great place to start your search. Asking from people who have had their homes painted will give you referrals to start reviewing. You can also perform search engine searches to have a list of potential painters fit for the task. Referrals can also come from a local Facebook page. Check out this Facebook page. Another way to locate reviews is by online review sites such as Yelp.

Take estimates from at least three different contractors
Once you have a couple of painters to review, make sure you get contract quotes from at least three of them. Compare the estimates and if they are far apart from each other, look for what is being done or left out.

Interview your painters before entering a contract
Quite opposed to official interviews for jobs, this is simply the moment where you ask potential painters a set of questions that will clear your mind about hiring a specific candidate. Ask questions that seek to identify the following:
• How long have they been in the business?
• Are they credible? With the proper required license?
• Do they have insurance and bonding?
• Are they members of an existing national or painting group association?
• Do they have referees you can contact?
• Are they subcontractors or do they perform actual painting?
• What products do they use?
• Do they have written service quality guarantees?

Also, finding more about the painters online can go a long way to helping you determine more about their character. For instance, this Youtube channel is a good example of learning more about a painting company. These questions will generally help you identify the best-suited candidate who leaves the least liabilities and offer superior quality service.

Always be specific about the painting project
It is often advisable to be physically present when hiring professional painters. Walk them around the property (indoors and outdoors) pointing at unique aspects and things you want the painting to achieve. Discuss aspects of price and where you feel a discount is worthy. Essentially, find out where the price is hiking and bargain your way down. Be specific on the walls, ceilings, roofs and places that you wish to be painted as well as the colors and finishes among related elements.

Assess the contractor’s behavior
When meeting the different contractors, assess their behavior and not how they handle you as a client:
• Do they project any sense of professionalism?
• Are they busy? Most good painters are often busy and ready to go to their next appointment.
• Are they courteous (business-formal)?
• Are they on time for appointments?
• Do they return phone calls and estimates in time?

If their behavior falls below par, then it is likely they will deliver services below your quality standards. It is the priority of every professional to project the perfect first impression; if they fail at this, then there is no need hiring them as they project no interest in serving your needs.

Review the contractsimgres-5
You may have already settled for a given contractor in your mind but before signing the papers, keenly go through the whole contract once more. It is your right to ask questions and clarifications on areas you do not understand. Make sure you know what exactly the painter will paint (trims, walls, house, moldings…), details of preparation and cleaning, paint colors for all the areas, protection of plants, patios and furniture, how long the project will last, and how/when the payments will be made. Only after all these steps will you be ready to hire the best professional painter your budget can afford. It is generally advisable to check out long-serving experienced professionals who have been in the painting business for many years. They probably have a streamlined service delivery framework and boast profound knowledge from their years in the business.

Hiring a painter is all about choosing the right person for the business. Your priority is to get qualified professionals who can meet all your needs for a super-standard outcome, security, safety and reduced liabilities at the most affordable cost. To achieve this, you must carefully review each option before you commit yourself so that you get the best painter with sheer professionalism.